pozdrowienia z alei jerozolimskich

 photo: Artur Żmijewski

We were writing about Israel and I thought of some conclusion for the text. And then I must have got an internal short circuit because frames of memories from Warsaw and Jerusalem got mixed together, e.g.: a square in front of Faisal hotel, where we stayed. And one more: a postcard we found in the Jerusalem Old Town. There was a bare hill on it, and a single, miserable palm tree. Below was written: ‚Greetings from Hebron‘ or maybe just ‚Hebron‘, I can’t remember. It impressed me. It looked like it was printed in Poland in the 80s.‘ *

Greetings from Jerusalem Avenue is an idea taken from a language, a story, an attempt to describe journey to Israel. Lines of palms along Jerusalem Avenue were meant to be a conclusion of the journey, which I undertook with Artur Żmijewski in the spring of 2001. In the most direct sense, it is a transmission of a landscape - which is obvious in Israel – to Warsaw, to the street, which name refers back to Israel. In the less direct sense the palm refers to a Polish expression with which we describe things that are unbelievable, out of the way of our perception or, to put it short, ridiculous.

* Taken from an interview conducted by Artur Żmijewski. The whole interview is to be found here.