pozdrowienia z alei jerozolimskich

The palm tree is made of plastics and natural materials; it is designed to withstand external conditions, wind gusts, rain, snow, low temperatures and is protected against the effects of UV rays. The leaves are made of UV-resistant poliethylene. A steel substructure, located within the trunk, prevents any bending under wind load. The steel column is covered with structural poliurethane and natural bark preserved by chemicals. The leaves are made of UV-resistant poliethylene. The tree is placed atop a metal scaffold 5 meters in diameter, weighed down by prefabricated concrete elements, which guarantees stability. The total height of it is about 15 meters, including the crown.

Greetings from Jerusalem Avenue’, that means the palm located at de Gaulle circle is a project supported by Centre for Contemporary Arts (CSW) Ujazdowski Castle and Foundation Institute of the Promotion of Art. According to the agreement, the project is cooperation between CSW Ujazdowski Castle and Foundation Institute of the Promotion of Art. CSW is responsible for the content of the project and the Foundation for its finances. The project received honorary support from the Major of Warsaw as stated in a document GPII-MT-01090213/02 from 5th of September 2002.

The palm was located at de Gaulle circle on 12th of December 2002 on the basis of the planning permission issued by Municipal Roads Office (ZDM) on 1st of August 2002 – ZDM/ET/0562/I/4805/02, which permission has been consequently prolonged. The current permission's validity ceases on 28th of February 2009 (ZDM/DZZP/I/1A/118/W/07).

The project has received:
- an approval from Voivodship Department of Heritage Protection Office, document MWKZ AU.AR./Śród/416-69/2141/02,
- an approval from the Committee of the Unification of the Documentation at Warsaw District’s Office, approval no. 5154/02
- an approval from the Council of Warsaw-Centrum Borough, the Department of Urbanisation and Architecture, document
no. UA/K/Dr/7333/382/02/JD
- a confirmation of the deliverance of an announcement of the construction
start, document no. AB/7254/D/CŚ/1877/2002/PJ

The project has been agreed with Warsaw Tramlink (TW) and all conditions stated by the TW have been met.

The palm was financed by private sponsors – Tui, Bayer and Delecta companies. The budget was too small to bear the technical side of the project though. No public funds have been employed in the project.

During following years the project was supported partly by artist’s money, partly by the Foundation’s money and collectively by the artist’s friends.
The project was planned as a one-year action but it was so warmly accepted that we decided to hand it to the city. A letter to the Major was sent by me personally before the planned deconstruction date. We have not received any answer to it. The next one, asking for help with the deconstruction works got no answer either. Throughout the 2004 negotiations with Municipal Roads Office were conducted in order to establish an agreement on lending the project, but after several months the signing of the agreement appeared to be impossible for unknown reasons. In 2004 a group of young activists organised a public fund-raising and published a letter the Major. On the scaffolding around the palm a banner saying ‘The palm is waiting for the agreement’ was placed. The same night the municipal Roads Office took the banner down and confiscated the scaffolding. The young people’s letter received no answer. At the same time a Committee of the Defence of the Palm was formed and media surveys confirmed, that the majority of Warsaw’s citizens want the palm to stay at de Gaulle circle.

In 2005 Municipal Gardening Company agreed to take care for the palm for two years. The agreement ceased on 28th of February 2007.

Present reconstruction with enable the project to function for many years without the need of conservation.

The main sponsor of the project is now Polish Bonds Deposit which offered 77.000 zl for the reconstruction and an anonymous sponsor who offered 20.000 zl.

The funds gained so far have been spend by the Foundation on new leaves and bark imported from the USA. The price including shipment was 82.000 zl. Total reconstruction budget amounts to 155.000 zł.