pozdrowienia z alei jerozolimskich




(we are grateful to the Centre of Information and Documentation CSW Ujazdowski Castle for this compilation)

1. Brzezińska Anna – Do you like the palm at de Gaulle circle? Buy a share. The internet sale of Joanna Rajkowska’s palm leaves started. Rzeczpospolita no. 53, 3-4.03.2007

2. New Icons of Warsaw. We encourage you to vote via Internet. The first place is Warsaw Rising Museum, the second – surprisingly - MP Hotel and shortly behind it the Palace of Culture. Voting the Icons of Warsaw in Gazeta Wyborcza no. 47, 24-25.02.2007

3. A bare trunk instead of the palm. An art rescue team. A fund-raising for the renovation of the most famous Warsaw palm is on. Would it be possible to save it? Agnieszka Kowalska talks to Joanna Rajkowska, Gazeta Stołeczna no. 37, 12.02.2007

4. The palm is drifting left. Łukasz Cybiński talks to Joanna Rajkowska, Rzeczpospolita no. 36, 12.02.2007

5. Kowalska Agnieszka – The movement for the restoration of the palm. Gazeta Stołeczna no. 32, 07.02.2007

6. Zyśk Daniel – The capital’s palm will have new leaves Życie Warszawy no. 30, 5.02.2007

7. Zielonka Katarzyna – A city full of nonsense. A foreigner who decided to live in our country has a tough life. Życie Warszawy no. 29, 3-4.02.2007

8. Kowalska Agnieszka – A balding palm to be replaced. The fate of the palm at de Gaulle circle is being decided. It’s author, Joanna Rajkowska collects money for the total replacement. Gazeta Wyborcza no. 26, 31.01.2007

9. Brzezińska Anna – The palm from the circle urgently need a sponsor. The Rajkowska’s sculpture needs restoration. Rzeczpospolita no. 26, 31.01.2007

10. Urban Thomas - Prosecco unter Polens Palme. Warschaus wundersamer Wandel: “Irgendwie bekommt dies keiener im Ausland mit” Kaum eine Stadt in Europa hat sich so rasant herausgeputzt wie die Metropole an der Weichsel- nur an ihrem grauen Image muss sie noch polieren Süddeutsche Zeitung no 250, 30.10.2006

11. Dzido Dominika – An own palm or phoenix in Warsaw. Kondraciuk Przemysław – An interview with Joanna Rajkowska. Autoportret. Pismo dobrej przestrzeni no. 2, 2004

12. Kowalska Agnieszka – Stripping in front of a 2-years old. A birthday of the bare palm at de Gaulle circle. Gazeta Wyborcza 12.12.2004

13. MAL – No agreement, no feathers. Rzeczpospolita 24.11.2004

14. Bartosek-Środa Sylwia – We don’t want a bare palm. It’s been at de Gaulle circle for two years. But all its leaves are gone since yesterday. There’s just a bare trunk left. This is the way the author of a controversial work urges the city officials to spend money on its conservation. Fakt 24.11.2004

15. Rocka Magdalena – Palm is falling apart. Życie 24.11.2004

16. Kowalska Agnieszka – A bare trunk. The palm without leaves. Gazeta Stołeczna 24.11.2004

17. Zyśk Daniel – The palm at the circle have lost all leaves. Życie Warszawy 24.11.2004

18. Andrzej Urbański: Leaves will be there again. Fakt 23.11.2004

19. Kula Marcin – The palm and the case of Poland. History, still present in Poles’ lives, ceases to be an arm and a shelter form them. It’s good, because mostly happy nations look learn their history. Newsweek 14.11.2004

20. Fleishman Jeffrey – A Tree Grows on Warsaw. Warsaw Palm Tree May Not Live Through Winter Los Angeles Times 17.11.2003

21. It doesn’t serve anything and so what? The palm. An army of the defenders or the palm at de Gaulle circle is growing. There are people of almost all professions in it. LETTERS: Jacek Sianowski, head sale analyst – I crave for unnecessary items. Gazeta Stołeczna 27.10.2003

22. A POLL about the palm at de Gaulle circle. Percentedly for. Almost three quarters of Warsavians, who have heard about the palm wants it to stay! This is the result of a poll made for Gazeta Wyborcza by Instytut Badania Opinii Publicznej SMG/KRC. Gazeta Wyborcza 25-26.10.2003

23. Percentedly for. A poll about the palm at de Gaulle circle. LETTERS: Marcel Antonio-Velez and the whole Przekrój – I can provide the cash, Alek Waszkiewicz, polish language and culture teacher in Heidelberg – A lesson about the palm, awek Stachowicz – It would be uncool without it. Gazeta Wyborcza 25-26.10.2003

24. Krajanow Igor, Guss-Gasińska Małgorzata – What instead of the palm? The palm to Gdansk, an a bread-roll for Warsaw?! Super Express 25-26.10.2003

25. Meets the Miss under the palm. KOP. New members. Today Dorota Folga-Januszewska – a vice president of the National Museum and Konrad Laguna – a writer, who starts the plot of his newest novel under the palm, join KOP, the Palm Defence Committee. LETTERS: Dorota Folga Januszewsta – The triumph of imagination, Konrad Laguna – A story with a view on the palm. Gazeta Wyborcza 24.10.2003

26. Mayors office about the palm at de Gaulle circle. They like and want it. KOP from de Gaulle circle scores its first successes. Municipal Roads Office lowered the charges for placing the palm on the lane to 300 zł. Now we are fighting for the palm to be left in mid-December – we want it to stay longer! Agnieszka Kowalska talks to a deputy major Andrzej Urbański. Gazeta Wyborcza 23.10.2003

27. They like and want it. Agnieszka Kowalska talks to Adrzej Urbański. LETTERS: Rutka – Antidepressant, Maga – Warsaw is prettier because of it, Sylwunio – Like a directory mark. Gazeta Wyborcza 23.10.2003

28. A debt fell off the palm. Municipal Roads Office cancelled outstanding fees for the road occupation by the palm at de Gaulle circle. Within the next few days Foundation Institute of the Promotion of Art will apply for the prolongation of the planning permission for the exotic item. It ceases on 11th of December. Rzeczpospolita 23.10.2003

29. Kowalska Agnieszka – Leaves up. The palm freed from charges. Gazeta Stołeczna 22.10.2003

30. Czapska Iza Natasza – Facing extinction? The palm at de Gaulle circle. Does one of the most famous Warsaw’s innuendos disappear from the city’s landscape? The fate of the palm at de Gaulle circle is being decided. Życie Warszawy 22.10.2003

31. Kowalska Agnieszka – You won’t kick it off. The palm at de Gaulle circle. Will it stay? Gazeta Stołeczna 21.10.2003

32. Kowalska Agnieszka, Szczygieł Mariusz – Utter Honolulu. A palm in the centre of Warsaw. At the circle by the former Communist Party Headquarters. Surreal. Poetry. A Polish palm. One kilometre from the Parliament building we got struck by a palm. Polish fantasy. A praise of uselessness. Unnecessity. Its days are numbered. The city council doesn’t want the palm. It is clear that the palm – with outstanding rent - a year after its birth, on the 13th of December – will be pulled out and towed to the dump.

Duży Format 20.10.2003

33. Kowalska Agnieszka – Who’s with us? Gazeta Stołeczna, 10-19.10.2003

34. AKA – And leafless again. Gazeta Stołeczna 24.04.2003

35. Looking at ourselves from the outside I see that everything is heading towards the absurd, not grotesque but even worse, a bitter scorn.

Marzena Szychułda talks to Joanna Rajkowska IKS 02.2003

36. Majszyk Konrad – The palm got new leaves. Leaves grew on the palm at de Gaulle circle. One and a half meter more since December. Looking at her ‘tree’ an artist Joanna Rajkowska can’t believe her eyes. Did it finally happen? Super Express 29.01.2003

37. AKA – Four leaves an hour. De Gaulle circle. Palm’s adventures continued. Gazeta Stołeczna 29.01.2003

38. AKA – Never-ending story. De Gaulle circle. Palm’s adventures continued. Gazeta Stołeczna 18-19.01.2003

39. Palms given away. Made of plastic, so it’s not afraid of frost. It’s not afraid of salt and acid rains either. It’s not afraid of birds and boys in love. It stands bold and isn’t afraid of anything – a plastic palm at de Gaulle circle – a new symbol of Warsaw. Gazeta Stołeczna 31.12.2002-01.01.2003

40. Kowalska Agnieszka – It’s not a christmas tree. A palm grew and it didn’t – Why such a pole? – ask pedestrians. – It’ll grow, you’ll see – says Joanna Rajkowsta, the author of an art project ‘Greetings from Jerusalem Avenue’. Gazeta Stołeczna 13.12.2002

41. Kowalska Agnieszka – A sergeant under a palm. A huge date palm was erected at the junction of Nowy Świat and Jerusalem Avenue. It is an element of an art action of Joanna Rajkowska. Gazeta Wyborcza 13.12.2002

42. AKA – A palm instead of a christmas tree. You can have a photo with a palm in the middle of winter! Joanna Rajkowska’s ‘Greetings from Jerusalem Avenue’. What seemed impossible became real. On the 5th of December in the middle of frosty winter at de Gaulle circle a 15-metre high artificial palm will be placed and it will stay there for a year. Gazeta Wyborcza (Co jest grane) 6.12.2002

43. Szabłowski Stach – A monument of Polish madness. City Magazine no.12(49) 2002

44. Zaczyński Michał – Reality overdose. Życie Warszawy no. 33, Stolica supplement 30.11.2002

45. For a chev and a yuppie. Agnieszka Kowalska talks to Joanna Rajkowska. Gazeta Wyborcza 21.10.2002

46. Zaczyński Michał – A palm will threaten drivers? De Gaulle circle. ZDM is afraid of an artificial tree. Życie Warszawy 16.07.2002

47. Majszyk Konrad – They don’t want the palm. Magistrate officials opposed the idea of putting an exotic palm at de Gaulle circle. Roads Office decided that it will pose a danger to the traffic. Super Express 16.07.2002

48. Majszyk Konrad – Miami in the capital. A palm at the circle. Art event or a monument of absurd. Super Express 25-26.05.2002

49. Zaczyński Michał – We want a palm! De Gaulle circle. Will there be Africa? Życie Warszawy 18-19.05.2002

50. Zaczyński Michał – Will be an artist. Życie Warszawy 6-7.10.2001

51. Kowalska Agnieszka – A sign of madness. A dream under a palm. Joanna Rajkowska wants to put a giant artificial palm at de Gaulle circle. Gazeta Wyborcza (Co jest grane) 5.10.2001

52. Szabłowski Stach – A dream about a palm. A dream under a palm. Joanna Rajkowska got mad. She wants to put a 15-20 metres high tree at de Gaulle circle. Earlier she will show 300 volunteers sleeping (in their work time!) at 36 Jana Pawła II av. She wants to fight the boredom of Warsaw’s streets and grow a people’s proximity atmosphere in a gallery like tomatoes in a greenhouse. CITY magazine 09.2001