pozdrowienia z alei jerozolimskich

Without the generosity of KDPW S.A. the reconstruction of the palm in 2007 would be impossible. And there wouldn’t be the palm any more…
We thank them indeed.

The city of Warsaw

The city has financially supported the reconstruction of the project in 2007. We are grateful.

Sponsor in 2005-2007
Municipal Gardening Works S.A.
Sponsors in 2002
Bayer Sp. z o.o., Delecta i Tui
Thanks to Bayer Sp. z o.o., Delecta and Tui we accomplished the project in 2002
Installation o the palm
Mostostal Siedlce S.A.
Installation of the palm – main contractor [the biggest responsibility]
Structure project
Kuban i Salak pracownia konstrukcji
Project of foundations consisting of metal frame weighted with concrete blocks, including the pipe inside the palm; all static calculations, drawings and technical edition of the project. The company prepared also projects which allowed to order certain elements of the foundation. They didn’t charge a penny. We have been cooperating for a year.
Electric works

RS System
Electric works mean so called ‘grounding of a palm’. In case the palm was under high voltage when touching tram wires or struck by lightning, metal elements had to be linked and ‘railed’, that means linked to the railway. RS System made an electric link project and offered to realise it for free. Warsaw Tramlink will ‘rail’ the palm.

International shipping of the palm

Move One International Movers

International transport of the palm from Pecoff Nursery Brothers to de Gaulle circle directly. Thanks to Move One we found a ship in chaos caused by dockers’ strike, get through customs clearance and received the trunk at the construction site – de Gaulle circle – on specified day (night). We got big discount.
Official carrier
American Airlines
Official carrier of the architect. Michał Rudnicki flew to San Diego for $693, that means 40% of the price. We owe that to American Airlines.
Internet sponsor
Internet sponsor, thanks to whom a web page www.palma.art.pl was created and is still serviced. Long cooperation, lots of computer work in a relaxed atmosphere.
Colour prints

Faxon Color
Prints related to visual information: information boards, large colour prints and banners. Kind-hearted people.
Landscape works

Zakład Robót Ogrodniczych i Brukarskich

Moving flowerpots from de Gaulle circle to Dmowski circle. Soil and grass over the palms foundations. They gave us huge discount.
Traffic management

Changing the flow of the traffic, that means stopping left-hand side traffic around the circle
Palm’s insurance
Insurance from fire, explosion, hurricane, torrential rain and accident with use of vehicle. This insurance, for a year, we got for free.
Ubezpieczenie palmy (od pożaru, wybuchu, huraganu i nawałnicy oraz uderzenia pojazdu). Ubezpieczenie to, na rok - dostaliśmy za darmo
Polish to English translation

Translation of all texts into English.

Media partners

German TV ARD Studio Warszawa
Gazeta Wyborcza
City Magazine
Radio Pogoda
They wrote, spoke about and showed the palm.