pozdrowienia z alei jerozolimskich

Your email will be received by Joanna Rajkowska, but you can also refer to anyone of our team. Joanna will forward the email to the proper address.

This is a group of people responsible for everyday maintenance of the palm (from left to right):
Joanna Rajkowsk
a, the author of the project, Rafał Żurek (Żwirek), who has been keeping the palm alive for years and currently deals with reconstruction of the project, Aga Katana, helping hand when in need of obtaining permissions, editing the page and with all palm works, Michał Rudnicki, palm’s architect, Kasia Łyszkowicz (Foundation Institute of Poromotion of Art), our financial conscience, and Filip Szymborski, who for several times constructed and installed new leaves and now translates our website into English.

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